Guide to BPM Bellows and accessories

BPM Bellows

BPM is an abbreviation of Butterfield Photographic manufacturing Co, a company based in Sussex. They created BPM Bellows and a range of adaptors and accessories which were a popular item in the late 70s as many enthusiasts delved into the world of Macro Photography. On this page we will give a brief guide to the BPM Bellows system.

BPM Bellows

BPM Bellows

A set of BPM bellows comprised two standard; one for the lens and one for the camera body mounted on a pair of rails. The back (body) standard was fixed and the front(lens)standard moved backwards and forwards on the rails to extend or contract the bellows thus increasing or decreasing magnification.

BPM Bellows

To extend the bellows a small wheel to the left rotates on a rack and pinion mechanism. In their compressed state the bellows are around 27mm (excluding mounts)and when fully extended they offer around 150mm, making them a highly versatile macro device. Depending on the mounts used the extension would be increased by around 5 to 15mm.

Four locking nuts (two on the front standard and two on the back)are provided to lock the lens and body mounts/adaptors securely into the standards. Slight release of these nuts allows the lens to be rotated so the aperture scale is at the top and the body is squared up.

BPM Bellows

BPM Bellows were made by

Butterfield Photographic Manufacturing Company
Norway Street

BPM Bellows

The design of the bellows changes subtly over the years (as seen in the various illustrations on the right). The first sets had chrome magnification scales, these changed to black on later models which were easier to read. BPM made a set of special mounted bellows for the Bowens Illumitran Slide Duplicator with front and rear platform adjustment. And later a focus rail was added in a combined deluxe version.

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Choosing Camera Macro Gear

The following guides will help you understand gear that you could use to take stunning macro photos:

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BPM Bellows

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