macro - your complete guide to macro photography


your complete guide to macro photography

Close up of BPM bellowsClose up of BPM bellows mount Close up of BPM bellows frontClose up of BPM bellows side

Instruction Manuals for close up equipment

Manufacturer Model Type of Equipment
Aico Ltd Lenses - misc
(AF Lens Converters)
(Bellows System)
(Camex Slide Copier)
(Fisheye Converter)
(Tele Converters)
(Variable CloseUp Lens)
(Wideangle Converters)
(Zoom Slide Copiers)

Alpa CloseUp
(Bellows DOVEX)
(Bellows NIVEX)
(Macro Tables)
(Master Slide Duplicator)
(Micro Tables)
Camera Accessories

Bolex Accessories
(Auto Selftimers)
(Bellows Unit)
(Bolex Lite)
(Bolex Proxirect)
(Declic Grip)
(EyeLevel Focus Finder)
(Matte Box)
(Pistol Grips)
(Reporter Grip)
(RX Fader)
(Single Frame Unit)
(Static Handle)
(Vario Timer)
(Viewfinder Attachments)
Camera Accessories

BPM Bellows
(Universal Bellows)
Camera Accessories

Bronica Accessories - Bronica
(AE 2 Prism Finder E)
(AE 3 Prism Finder E)
(AE Prism Finder E)
(AE Prism Finder G)
(AE Prism Finder S)
(AE Rotary Finder G)
(Auto Bellows E)
(Auto Bellows G)
(Auto Bellows S)
(Auto Extension Tubes E )
(Auto Extension Tubes G)
(Auto Extension Tubes S)
(Bayonet Adaptor C)
(Bayonet Adaptor CS)
(Bellows 1)
(Bellows 2)
(Bellows II)
(CdS MF Finder S)
(Compact Bellows)
(Extension Tubes Set 2)
(Extension Tubes Set II)
(Film Back 135 G)
(Film Back 135 N)
(Film Back 135 W)
(Film Back 35)
(Hand Grip L)
(Hand Grip T)
(LensHoods 40/50/75/135)
(Magazine Back 12/16)
(Magazine Back 12/24)
(Magazine Back SQ j)
(Magnifying Hood)
(Polaroid Film Back G)
(Polaroid Film Back S)
(Polaroid Pack Film Back)
(Prism Finder A)
(Prism Finder C)
(Prism Finder E)
(Prism Finder G)
(Prism Finder S)
(Professional Lenshood E)
(Professional Lenshood G)
(Professional Lenshood S)
(Rotary Viewfinder E)
(Speed Grip E)
(Speed Grip S)
(SQ J Magazine Back )
(Tripod Adaptor E)
(TTL Exposure Meter)
Camera Accessories

Canon FD Lenses
(Auto Bellows)
(Close Up Lenses)
(Double Cable Release)
(Extension Tubes)
(FD - Optical Accessories)
(LensCase LH )
(Slide Duplicators)
(Snap Case LS)
(Tele Converters)
(Tele Extenders)

Canon FL Lenses
(Extension Tubes)
(FL - Optical Accessories)
(Slide Copiers)

Contax Misc
(Auto Bellows)
(Cable Switches)
(Infrared Control Set )
(IR Control Set )
(Powerpack GP 1)
(RTW RealTime System)
Camera Accessories

Dallmeyer Cameras - early
(Binocular Camera + Lens)
(Camera Binocular)
(Hand & Stand Camera)
(Photoheliograph Camera)
(Square Bellows Cameras)
Medium/Large Format Camera

Edixa Wirgin Misc
(Edixa Bellows)
(Reference Book)
Camera Accessories

Fujifilm Accessories - misc
(Auto Bellows X)
(Panorama Adaptors)
Camera Accessories

Hasselblad CloseUp
(Exposure Tables)
(Extension Tubes)
(Proxar Lenses)
Camera Accessories

Haynor Proflex
(Reflex Housing)
Camera Accessories

Ihagee CloseUp
(CloseUp Tables)
(Extension Tubes Set)
(Macro Photography)
(Micro Photography)
(Microscope Photography)
(Vielzweck Bellows)
Camera Accessories

Itorex Slide Duplicator
(Bellows Slide Duplicator)
Camera Accessories

Kilfitt Misc
(Lens Tables)
(Multi Kilar)
(Tele Converter)

Konica CloseUp
(Auto-up CA)
(Bellows 3)
(Bellows III)
(Extension Tubes 3)
(Extension Tubes Set III)
Camera Accessories

Leica Close-up
(BEHOO Extension Tubes)
(ELPRO CloseUp Lenses)
(Endo Photography)
(Extension Tube Set 14135)
(Extension Tube Set 14158-2)
(Extension Tube Set 14159)
(Extension Tube Set 15158-1)
(Focusing Bellows 2)
(Focusing Bellows II)
(Focusing Bellows R)
(GroundGlass Focusing Devices)
(Haynor Bellows)
(MIKAS Microscope Camera)
(Near Focusing Devizes)
(Photo Micrography)
(Prisnor CloseUp Device)
(Universal Bellows)
(Universal Bellows R)
Camera Accessories

Mamiya M 645 - System
(Angle Finder 2)
(Angle Finder II)
(Auto Bellows)
(Auto Extension Tubes)
(Film Back 135 N)
(Panorama Back 135 N)
(Pistol Grip WG 402)
(Polaroid Back)
(Power Drive)
(Power Drive Grip WG 401)
(Power Drive N)
(Radio Control Outfit)
(Radio Receiver)
(Radio Transmitter)
(Rollfilm Holder HA 401)
(Rollfilm Holder HB 401)
(Rollfilm Holder Insert)
(Rollfilm Holder N)
Camera Accessories

Mamiya 35 mm Accessories - misc
(Panorama Adaptor (Mam 7))
(Slide Copier)
(ZE Winder)
Camera Accessories

Minolta CloseUp
(Auto Bellows)
(Auto Bellows 3)
(Auto Bellows III)
(Bellows 1)
(Bellows 1 SR)
(Bellows 2)
(Bellows 3)
(Bellows 4)
(Bellows II)
(Bellows III)
(Bellows IV)
(Compact Bellows)
(Extension Tube Set)
(Extension Tube Set 2)
(Extension Tube Set II)
(Microscope Adaptor)
(Microscope Adaptor 2)
(Microscope Adaptor II)
Camera Accessories

Miranda Bellows
(Flexomatic Bellows)
(Junior Bellows)
(Multiflex Bellows)
Camera Accessories

Nikon PB 1 Bellows-1 Camera Accessories

Nikon PB 2 Bellows-2 Camera Accessories

Nikon PB 3 Bellows-3 Camera Accessories

Nikon PB 4 Bellows
(Auto Ring BR 4)
(Double Cable Release AR 4)
(PS 4)
Camera Accessories

Nikon PB 5 Bellows
(PS 5)
Camera Accessories

Nikon PB 6 Bellows
(PB 6E)
(PS 6)
Camera Accessories

Novoflex Bellows
(Automatic Bellows)
(Bellows and Lenses Books)
(Bellows and Lenses Tables)
(Foloow Focus Bellows)
(SlideCopying with Bellows)
(Standard Bellows)
Camera Accessories

Novoflex Catalogues
(Articles on System)
(Bellows Catalogues)
(Lenses Catalogues)
(Pocket Book for CloseUp+Tele)
(System Catalogues)
Camera Accessories

Olympus Closeup
(Auto Bellows 2)
(Auto Bellows II)
(Camera Slider 2)
(Camera Slider II)
(Close Up Lens f30)
(Close Up Lens f40)
(Extension Tubes Set)
(Macro Photo)
(Micro Photo)
(Microscope Photography)
(Photo Macro)
(Photo Micro)
(Slide Copier 2)
(Slide Copier II)
(Telescopic Extension Tube)
Camera Accessories

Olympus Pen
(Bellows 2)
(Bellows II)
(Camera Slider 2)
(Camera Slider II)
(Exposure Meter CdS)
(Extension Tubes Set)
(Lens Mount Adaptor)
(Slide Copier 2)
(Slide Copier II)
Camera Accessories

Panagor Lenses - misc
(Bellows Unit)
(Extension Tubes Set)
(Macro Converter)
(Tele Converter 2x)

Pentax Close-Up
(Auto Bellows)
(Auto Bellows A)
(Auto Bellows K)
(Auto Bellows M)
(Auto Bellows Slide Copiers)
(Auto Extension Tubes Set)
(Bellows 2)
(Bellows II)
(Bellows Unit)
(Close Up Photography)
(Dental Close Up System)
(Extension Tube Set)
(Extension Tubes)
(Helicoid Extension Tubes)
(Macro Photography)
(Microscope Adaptors)
(Slide Copier)
(Slide Holder K)
(Slide Holders)
Camera Accessories

Pentax 67 - 6x7
(67 Auto Bellows)
(67 Auto Extension Tubes)
(67 Bracket)
(67 Extension Tubes)
(67 Filters)
(67 Grip)
(67 Helicoid Extension Tubes)
(67 Lens 165/4 Leaf Shutter)
(67 Lens 800/6)
(67 Lens 90/2.8 Leaf Shutter)
(67 Lens Adaptor K)
(67 Lens Adaptors)
(67 Magnifier)
(67 Marine)
(67 Quick Focusing Ring)
(67 Rear Converter T 5)
(67 Rear Converter T 6)
(67 Rear Converters)
(67 Reverse Adaptor)
(67 Right Angle Finder)
(67 Shift Lens 75/4.5)
(67 Slide Copiers)
(67 Slide Holder Type K)
(67 Slide Holder Type S)
(67 Tele Converter T 5)
(67 Tele Converter T 6)
(67 Tele Converters)
(67 TTL Prism Finders)
Camera Accessories

Pentax 645
(645 Auto Bellows)
(645 Auto Extension Tube Sets)
(645 Clamp Brackets)
(645 Eyepiece)
(645 Filmholder 70)
(645 Helicoid Extension Tubes)
(645 Lens 45-85/4.5)
(645 Lens 75/2.8 Leaf Shutter)
(645 Lens 80-160/4.5)
(645 Lens Adaptor)
(645 Lenses)
(645 Quick Shoe Adaptor)
(645 Rear Converters)
(645 Ref Converter)
(645 Reverse Adaptor)
(645 Shot Shoe Adaptor LS)
(645 Tele Converters)
(645 Tripod Quick Cahnge Mount)
Camera Accessories

Praktica (VEB) Bellows Camera Accessories

Rollei Accessories - misc
(150 Exposure Back - TLR)
(Chip Pack)
(Copying Stand)
(Everready Cases)
(Extension Bellows)
(Extension Tubes)
(Film Backs)
(Focusing Knob)
(Focussing Knob - Large)
(Gelatine Filter Holder)
(Holdall Case)
(Infrared Control)
(IR Receiver)
(IR Transmitter)
(Lens Control S)
(Magazine Backs)
(Magnifier Hood)
(Masking Set - T)
(Masking Set Rolleicord)
(ME 1)
(Metal Everready Case)
(Panoramic Head)
(Pistol Grip)
(Plate Back)
(Polaroid Adaptors)
(Polaroid Backs)
(Polaroid Magazines)
(Prism Finders)
(R - Traveltime)
(RC 03 Infrared Release)
(Rollei Timer)
(Rollei Tripods)
(Rolleiclear Screen)
(Scan Pack)
(Sports Finders)
(Stereo Slider)
Camera Accessories

Ross Square Bellows Camera Medium/Large Format Camera

Russian Cameras Accessory - misc
(Extension Tubes)
(Kiev 80 Polaroid Back)
(KPF 1 Underwater Housing)
(KPF Underwater Housing)
(Zenith Bellows)
(Zenith Extension Tubes)
Camera Accessories

Sinar Sinar Literature - misc
(Bellows Lenshoods)
(Bellows Masks)
(LargeFormat Camera Manipulatio)
(Monorail Guide Book)
(Monorail Movement Book)
(Optimal Screen Viewing)
(Sinar Color Control)
(Sinar Colour Control)
(Sinar Filters)
(The Sinar System)
(Tilting - front and back)
Medium/Large Format Camera

Sinar Accessory - misc
(Color Control with Sinar)
(Optimal Screen Viewing)
(Sinar Bellows-Hoods)
(Sinar Bellows-Masks)
(Sinar Filters)
(Sinar System)
Camera Accessories

Soligor Bellows
(Flexomatic Bellows T 2)
(Flexomatic Bellows T II)
(Multiflex Repro Bellows)
(Repro Multiflex Bellows)
Camera Accessories

Topcon Close Up
(Bellows 2)
(Bellows 3)
(Bellows 4)
(Bellows Folding Rail Type)
(Bellows II)
(Bellows III)
(Bellows IV)
(Extension Tubes Set 1)
(Extension Tubes Set 2)
(FoldingRail Bellows)
(Microscope Attachment)
Camera Accessories

Vario-Flex Slide Duplicator
(Vario Flex Bellows Attachment)
Camera Accessories

Yashica CloseUp
(CL 1 Lens)
(Macro Attachment)
(YT CL Adaptor)
Lens Accessories

Zeiss Ikon Contarex Accessories
(Film Cassette)
(Interchangeabble Back)
(Interchangeable Screens)
(Microscope Attachments)
(Unversal Handgrip)
Camera Accessories

Zeiss Ikon Contax Accessories
(Close Up Attachments)
(Contaprox 2)
(Contaprox II)
(Copying Units)
(Flektoskop Reflex Housing)
(Miflex Microscope Camera)
(Panflex Reflex Housing)
(Plate Back)
(Polarising Filters)
(Proxar Close Up Lenses)
Camera Accessories


Buying Camera Macro Gear

We have a limited stock of the classic BPM bellows, plus a few other older gems that you may no longer find in the retailers.