Lens Cases for sale

Lens Cases £5 plus £2 postage each Lens cases

Details and approx internal dimensions (height x diameter)

  • 1 soft lens pouch 16 x 7cm - good condition
  • 2 soft lens pouch 10 x 8cm - excellent condition
  • 3 soft lens pouch 6 x 6cm - good condition
  • 4 hard lens case 9 x 9.5cm - excellent condition
  • 5 hard lens case 8 x 7.5cm - bottom trim loose, could easily be glued back
  • 6 Tokina lens case (for 500mm mirror) 14 x 9cm - excellent condition
  • 7 converter case (for 2x converter or small prime lens) 4.5x5cm - excellent condition
  • 8 hard lens case 5,5 x 6.5cm - excellent condition
  • 9 hard lens case 18 x 8cm - excellent condition
  • 10 hard lens case 7 x 7.5cm - excellent condition
  • 11 soft lens/camera pouch 13 x 8cm - excellent condition
  • 12 hard lens case 14 x 8cm - excellent condition
  • 13 Tamron hard lens case (80-210mm adaptall) 19 x 6cm - trim ragged
  • 14 hard lens case 10 x 8 cm - excellent condition

Buying Macro Gear

We have a limited stock of the classic BPM bellows, plus a few other older gems that you may no longer find in the retailers:

BPM camera bellows for sale

BPM Bellows

We have limited stocks of used BPM camera bellows including customised sets for the Bowens Illumitran professional slide copier.

BPM camera bellows mounts for sale

BPM Camera and Lens Mounts

We have the worlds largest collection of original camera and lens mounts for the BPM bellows.

BPM camera bellows spares for sale

BPM Bellows Spares

We can supply spare parts for BPM Bellows. Every item in stock from the bellow material to tiny screws that hold them together.

BPM camera bellows accessories for sale

BPM Bellows Accessories

Accessories for the BPM Bellows to expand their versatility, including the Repotran slide copying add-ons.