Tripods for sale

Here is a selection of camera supports, tripod, clamps and pods that can be used to hold your camera still when taking macro photos.

Unbranded Tripod : Bendy pod

Comment: Compact table top tripod. Can also be used against a wall at eye level. Tiny and easy to carry around - perfect as a compact camera support.
Condition: good
Price: £3.00

Unbranded Bendy pod Tripod

Unbranded Tripod : bendy pocket (pen)

Comment: Unnamed bendy light and compact table top tripod.. Can also be used against a wall at eye level . Has pen clip for pocket of coat or bag
Condition: very good
Price: £3.00

Unbranded bendy pocket (pen) Tripod

Unbranded Tripod : beanpod

Comment: Bean bag used to reduce camera shake to improve your photos. Soft leather like material Not many beans (polysterene balls I think) inside so you may want to unpick the stitches and add more . Size approx 200 l x 120mm w and 10-15mm h.
Condition: very good
Price: £3.00

Unbranded beanpod Tripod

Unbranded Tripod : Lee Miller beanbag

Comment: Bean bag I think that was a promo product from Olympus when they teamed up with photographer Lee Miller. Used to reduce camera shake to improve your photos. Soft material with extra layer base to prevent damp entering. Size approx 140mm diameter and 50mm high.
Condition: very good
Price: £6.00

Unbranded Lee Miller beanbag Tripod

Unbranded Tripod : Minipod

Comment: Compact table top tripod /minipod. Can also be used against a wall at eye level. has small ball and socket, legs collapse into column for compact storage.
Condition: good
Price: £10.00

Unbranded Minipod Tripod

Unbranded Tripod : Twin Bean Bag

Comment: Reduce camera shake to improve your photos with this double bean bag
The twin shaped design makes it ideal for draping over car doors, rocks, tree stumps, fences and much more. Made with comoflage green and brown pattern it's ideal for wildlife and nature.

The bag comes with polystyrene ball filling and has a zipped opening so you can fill or unfill with rice or beans if you prefer, making it ideal for foreign travel where it can be filled once you reach your destination.
Condition: very good
Price: £15.00

Unbranded Twin Bean Bag Tripod

Joby Tripod : Gorillapod SLR size

Comment: Original Joby Gorilla Pod (not a cheap copy!)Compact table top tripod with unique bendy legs that can wrap around a tree branch, fence, leg to provide a stable support for an SLR.

Condition: very good condition with quick release post
Price: £20.00

Joby Gorillapod SLR size Tripod

Buying Macro Gear

We have a limited stock of the classic BPM bellows, plus a few other older gems that you may no longer find in the retailers:

BPM camera bellows for sale

BPM Bellows

We have limited stocks of used BPM camera bellows including customised sets for the Bowens Illumitran professional slide copier.

BPM camera bellows mounts for sale

BPM Camera and Lens Mounts

We have the worlds largest collection of original camera and lens mounts for the BPM bellows.

BPM camera bellows spares for sale

BPM Bellows Spares

We can supply spare parts for BPM Bellows. Every item in stock from the bellow material to tiny screws that hold them together.

BPM camera bellows accessories for sale

BPM Bellows Accessories

Accessories for the BPM Bellows to expand their versatility, including the Repotran slide copying add-ons.