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Last updated: October 30 2018 (29 pages)

Macro - Your complete guide to macro photography
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BPM Bellows and macro/close up accessories tutorials and tips

Macro - Techniques and tips section
Macro BPM Reprotran Instruction Manual
Macro Guide to using Extension Tubes for close up photography
Macro - Guide to using a ringflash for macro photography
Macro - Depth-of-field Close up table
Macro - Close Up Exposure / Magnification Tables for macro photography
Macro - guide to ringflash
Macro Guide to focusing for close up photography
Macro - BPM Bellows Mount Dimensions

BPM Bellows and macro/close up gadgets explained

Macro - a complete guide to BPM Camera Bellows
Macro - BPM Bellows accessories
Macro - Macro Focusing Rails
Macro - All about Right Angle Finders
Macro - macro photography camera accessories
Macro - The Zork Mini Makro Guide
Macro - BPM Bellows Original Instruction manual

BPM Bellows and macro/close up accessories for sale

Macro - BPM camera bellows mounts for sale
Macro - BPM bellows accessories for sale
Macro - Macro and close up accessories for sale
Macro - tripods for sale
Macro - flashguns for sale
Macro - Right angle finders for sale
Macro - lens cases for sale
Macro - close up photographic books recommended by the experts
Macro - BPM bellows for sale
Macro - BPM bellows spares for sale

Useful links for web resources about macro/close up photography

Macro - links

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Macro - BPM leaflets and price lists

Buying Macro Gear

We have a limited stock of the classic BPM bellows, plus a few other older gems that you may no longer find in the retailers:

BPM camera bellows for sale

BPM Bellows

We have limited stocks of used BPM camera bellows including customised sets for the Bowens Illumitran professional slide copier.

BPM camera bellows mounts for sale

BPM Camera and Lens Mounts

We have the worlds largest collection of original camera and lens mounts for the BPM bellows.

BPM camera bellows spares for sale

BPM Bellows Spares

We can supply spare parts for BPM Bellows. Every item in stock from the bellow material to tiny screws that hold them together.

BPM camera bellows accessories for sale

BPM Bellows Accessories

Accessories for the BPM Bellows to expand their versatility, including the Repotran slide copying add-ons.